A Fully Functional and Premier Pediatric EHR for you

iPatientcare’s Pediatric EHR was designed by pediatricians, so our EHR thinks the way you do.  We understand the unique needs of the patients, so we built custom-made features for you to treat children like ‘little adults’.  This EHR includes practice management and revenue cycle management solutions.

It is also designed to let users make most of their tablets, touchscreens and smartphone devices.  It also allows the physicians to choose the deployment option to suit the unique needs of their particular practice – either web-based or on premise.

This EHR has navigation feature that presents clinically relevant findings based on presenting symptoms, diagnosis code, and preferred treatments. Its features’ unique replication technology lets users work from anywhere at any time.

iPatentCare’s Pediatrics EHR saves your time on administrative tasks so that you can spend more time on patient care because of our leading-edge practice management and patient engagement tools.  It saves time and cuts down on paperwork with inbound/outbound faxing directly from the EHR.  It eliminates manual entry for patients when they fill out customizable intake forms online that automatically flows into their chart notes.  It permits the creation of customizable care plans and engage patients with their health using iPatientCare’s patient portal.

Pediatrics EHR

Pediatric EHR has Growth Charts that enables to chart preterm, infant and child growth records.  Also automated plotting of vital signs to Age and Gender specific growth charts, which includes WHO Growth charts, and Down syndrome patient growth charts.

Its features such as immunization list/tracking assists in tracking and giving alerts on pending vaccinations.  It gives a detailed history and facility to print VIS (Vaccine information sheets).  It also auto captures CPT codes in the charge Capture Immunization Registry:  We are supporting standard HL 7 immunization interface.

This iPatientCare’s pediatrics EHR also includes ‘Dose Calculator’ that calculates the medicinal dose to avoid contradictions and makes sure the proper pediatric dose is prescribed from the same Rx screen.

There are pre-loaded Well Child Visit templates for children from birth to adolescence which permits you to easily document historical details such as diet and nutrition, sleep habits, elimination, development, social history, and safety.  It also lets you perform screenings like an eye, hearing, and dental screening.

The School Form gives a unique facility to document school form.  These forms can be customized based on local requirements, so in most cases, patients will not need to drop off a blank form in order for you to create it.  In the same manner, CHDP Form (Children Health Deficiency Prevention) or PM 160 is useful as it eliminates error-prone manual processes with solutions and services that reduce the chance of errors or repetitive data entry and it can be managed from the same encounter.

iPatientCare Pediatrics EHR is certified as CCHIT 2012 for Child Health.  This specialty effortlessly permits the Pediatricians to use their reports, templates, features and provides a fully integrated suite for pediatric needs that handles every aspect of your practice.  It automates your practice right from the front desk to the exam room and the billing office to patient’s portal.

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About iPatientCare, Inc.

Based at Old Bridge, New Jersey, iPatientCare helps physician offices, rural health clinics, and community/federally qualified health centers (CHC/FQHC) dramatically reduce A/R days and improve collections rates, reduce billing costs, eliminate the burden of repeatable, high volume work on their internal teams, and plug gaps in staffing. Our expert teams are comprised of senior executives with extensive experience in clinically-driven revenue cycle management systems including certified billers and coders with managerial capabilities to facilitate client interactions, escalations and SLA. Cloud-based iPatientCare EHR is certified as 2015 Edition Ambulatory EHR and is bundled FREE along with the Practice Management System and Revenue Cycle Management services. It has its own clearing house, allowing unlimited claims and eligibility requests, and carries a distinguished credit of being selected as a preferred EHR vendor by more than 70,000 users nationwide, numerous hospitals/health systems, federally funded regional extension centers, and in the past by the US Army and NASA Space Medicine.
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